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Top 10 Tamil Thriller Movies You Must Watch in 2021

Are you a Big fan of Thriller Movies? Thinking about How you’re going to spend the Lockdown apart from all the work? Here’s a list of Top 10 Tamil Thriller Movies You Must Watch During Lockdown in 2021.

Due to the pandemic, the government has imposed a lockdown since March 2020. It has been a tough time for people to survive because of the Covid-19 Virus. Everything has been closed Including schools, colleges, and People who have jobs who have been working from home. A lot has happened in the lockdown.

The only good thing about the lockdown is Entertainment and spending time with our loved ones. When it comes to Entertainment, a lot of people would prefer to watch movies. Tamil movies and Telugu movies Audiences are totally different from other people. Their love for movies is never-ending and one of the different audiences anyone can face.

Tamil Movies have been producing the Best content movies in recent times. As years keep changing, the audiences and their mindset keep changing. In the ’80s and 90’s the audiences were different where they were more into action skills, but from the 2000s they are an elite kind of people. As per Today’s Proverb “Content is King”, Audiences nowadays prefer More Content Movies than Action and ill-logical movies.

People have different smack when it comes to choosing movies. A Lot of people love Rom-com movies and Thriller movies. I’ll talk about the Rom-Com films some other time. Now let’s focus on Tamil Thriller Movies.

Here’s a list of Top 10 Tamil Thriller Movies You Must Watch in 2021

1) Psycho


One of the Tamil Psychological Thriller Movies in recent times. A seat-edge Tamil thriller movie that gives rise to anxiety at each part of the film.

 It’s a story about a woman, who is a radio jockey, is kidnapped by a psychopath and her boyfriend, the Protagonist of the movie is set to rescue his lady love from the Psychopath and it becomes more challenging as the boyfriend is blind. 

Such a Masterclass From director Mysskin. It is available on Netflix. It has a runtime of 2hours 25minutes. 

Rating – 3/5

2) Thadam 


It is such a comeback movie for Arun Vijay, who plays the hero of the movie. You might have watched a lot of Murder mystery movies but this came out at its finest. The story plot is that During the investigation of a Man’s Murder, the police find two probable suspects who look alike but do not know each other. However, the case gets more engaging after the facts are riddled out. It has a runtime of 2hours 20minutes. 

Rating – 4/5

3) Visaranai


Released in 2015, One of the best Tamil crime thriller movies to date. Created such hype in 2015 and it is a Real story on police brutality.

 The plot begins with four young Labourers arrested and tortured for a theft that they haven’t committed. Later, being rescued by another policeman from their culture and the worst is yet to come. 

Such a Masterpiece from Vetrimaaran. It is available on Netflix and has a runtime of 1hour 57minutes.

Rating – 4.2/5

4) Vikram Vedha

Vikram Vedha

One of the best action crime thrillers, portrayed by suitable actors in the film industry. It’s more like a Cat and Mouse story.

The tale goes as a Sincere and adamant police officer and his friend are set to hunt and capture the notorious gangster. As the investigation goes on, the gangster narrates a story every time he’s caught by the police officer.

Best engaging plot. It’s available on Disney Hotstar and has a runtime of 2hours 27 minutes.

Rating – 4/5

5) Ratsasan 


Ratsasan is a Psychological thriller movie and one of the best Tamil thriller movies in recent times.

The story revolves around a person who dreams of becoming a Film-maker but ends up being a Police officer and plays the protagonist of the movie and is set to capture a psychopath who rapes and murders innocent girls due to his ugly past. 

An attention-grabbing Tamil movie you shouldn’t miss watching. It is available on Disney Hotstar and has a runtime of 2hours 50minutes. 

Rating – 4.5/5

6) Theeran – Adhigaram Ondru


Have you ever Heard of a Group of thieves Killing people? Scary isn’t it,?

Yes, it is Crazy and Scary to hear when a group of thieves knocks on your door at night.

This is actually a real story of a Police officer named MR. Jangid IPS. Revolves around a group of thieves hunting people and dacoity their houses which have less activity of people and choosing houses that are built near highways. The protagonist of the movie is set to capture these thieves and put them in jail. However, things turn out different while in the hunt of the thieves.

One of the Most gripping Tamil thriller movies in recent times. It is available on Disney Hotstar and has a runtime of 2hours 43minutes

Rating – 4.2/5

7) Dhruvangal 16 – Must Watch Tamil Thriller Movies

D 16

Such a suspenseful Movie by a young debutant director and was released in 2016, not many people know about the movie as it was released on a small scale budget.

It’s about a police officer who retires due to an accident where he loses his leg during investigating a case. Years later, the person who worked with the police officer looks out for answers as he was also involved in the accident too.

A Spine-chilling movie you must watch. It is available on Hotstar and has a run time of 1hour 45minutes.

Rating – 4.1/5  

8) Kolaigaran


A perfect Murder mystery thriller movie that has no odds and sods. From the beginning till the end, you can’t afford to take your eyes off the movie because it’s a gripping movie.

It is about a Police officer arresting another Ex-police officer after he confesses a murder. But he doesn’t look satisfied and in search of truths during the investigation, he learns the shocking outlook of the ex-cop.

As said above, One of the best Tamil thrillers movies to watch. It is available on amazon Disney Hotstar and has a runtime of 2hours.

Rating – 3/5

8 Thottakal

8 Thottakal

A Crime thriller movie with an emotional spread. You are not going to get bored while watching the movie because it is a well-written screenplay.

Another police story with mixed emotion and a mix of thrill where the protagonist is a sad and lonely Police officer who loses his gun during an investigation. While discovering the Gun, he learns about other murders.

It is available on Disney Hotstar and has a runtime of 2hours 25 minutes.

Rating – 3.5/5

10) Thambi 

Another one of the best Tamil Thriller Movies you shouldn’t miss watching. A puzzling piece of movie that will turn your attention towards every detail of the movie.

An old script is being presented in the best way with a lot of conspiracies. A brother who is lost 15 years back, turns to his home where his sister is hesitant to take him back. While knowing the house, the lost brother gets to know what he is involved in.

A brilliant movie which you must watch. It is available on Netflix and Youtube and has a runtime of 2hours 27 minutes.

Rating – 3/5

Here are other Tamil thriller movies if you have watched the above-mentioned List of movies. 

  • 13B
  • Thupparivaalan
  • Papanasam
  • Irumugan
  • Sathuranga Vettai

Hope you guys liked our list of Movies. The only request to all kinds of movie lovers is that Please do watch movies in theatres.