Benefits of owning a dog



Dogs are a real blessing from GOD. Do you know what it’s to own a dog? Have you ever experienced real LOVE? People, situations, time everything changes but a DOG’s LOVE towards us never changes. It’s like having a companion, a child, a good living relationship with them. They would die for us if wanted. Being in our good and worst times, showing their love even if we are angry at them. They can’t talk but are good listeners. Refreshing our moods no matter what situation we are in. The way they receive us when we reach home after work or from outside. The cute faces we get when weird noises are made. 

There are many people around the world who are dog and pet lovers. In an interview Sylvester Stallone, the person who acted in many movies like the Rocky series, Expandable series and other movies. Before coming to movies he had bad times where he couldn’t afford food for himself and he had a dog named BUTKUS. He had to sell him for 40$ in front of a 7- Eleven store because he couldn’t afford food. Like a modern day miracle, the screenplay for Rocky sold and he bought the same dog for 15000$ . So there are people who are crazy about animals. Here are the benefits of owning or having a dog.


A dog can be the best companion you can ever imagine. We can  learn so much from a dog’s behaviour , personality willingness to provide unconditional love and attention to their family. A living being we can totally rely on. They totally understand our gestures,feelings and responding according to our moods. It prevents depression and loneliness. Gives a reason to wake up in the morning.


While thinking how to reduce stress, we usually do yoga,meditation to calm ourselves. Did you know dogs can be real stress busters? They can give this weird sense of joy that no one can. Had a rough day at your workplace? Ever had a bad day? Coming home and seeing your dog makes you calm. All the naughty things they do just to boost you up. For people who love animals, it’s totally impossible to be in a bad mood. A research showed that people with lots of stress actually experienced less stress when they’re with their pets. 


Ever seen a dog moody? Ever seen them lazy and not trying to do anything? Ever seen them crying? If u have, then Yes its a bad signal. Dogs are just not stress busters, but they can catch cancers at home. If any of you is not well or to be in a serious health condition, the dogs know it. They stop eating sometimes until their loved ones come out healthy and fine. They would know it before and start acting on it. They actually take your sickness and the negative energy and in some cases they don’t survive. They are able to sense changes in their loved ones. 


Dogs can be good listeners. Usually dogs are quite patient. Think of it as your friend where you can share problems but they dont judge us, interrupt us, laugh at us, they are just there to listen to us. A study in 2010 shows that women talk a lot to their dogs and proven that dogs are better listeners than husbands. They dont take over the conversations. Dogs love to please their owners so they tend to listen to their owners.  


There are a lot of examples why a dog’s love is undying. No matter if the whole world is against us,hate us, turn their backs on us but the dog’s love and attention will never change. They would literally die for if wanted. Dog’s love is the actual true love that human beings need. It’s a never ending relationship that a dog has towards us. 


Dogs are known to be man’s best friend because of their loyalty and willingness to protect their masters or loved ones from getting hurt. A dog will consider you to be a part of the family as much as you consider him to be a part of yours. Dogs act to defend themselves and their family when someone poses a threat as dogs can sense the feelings and emotions of human beings.